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Fiberplex VIM-0808

The VIM-0808 is exactly the same as the VIM-1808, except it contains no clock and no word clock input. The VIM-1808 / VIM-0808 system is normally used as a “drive snake” for sending audio to amplifiers or powered speakers, or for distributed systems utilizing the fiber “pass thru” found on both the VIM-1808 & VIM-0808. This device contains 8 analog line level and 8 AES digital outputs, 8 analog line level inputs OR 8 AES digital inputs. The VIM-0808 is supplied with a pair of transmit/receive LC fiber connectors. 


  • Fiber runs up to 2km (multimode), 20km (singlemode)
  • Lossless optical “thru” for distributed systems
  • 8 Simultaneous analog & digital outputs
  • 48k or 96k operation
  • System can distribute clock